Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A wonderful day!

Today was wonderful!!!! We headed to Holt this morning to meet and pick up Lillian! We got there about a 1/2 hr early and DJ took us into a room. As we sat there waiting my emotions overwhelmed me! At 9:30 the door opened and DJ stuck her head in asked if we were ready!!!! I had been ready for so long and when they walked in I was over joyed! Lilys foster mother had already been crying and so had I so we were to peas in a pod. Lily was very shy at first! Her foster mom said that they had already cried together on the way over. She said that she has been talking to Lily and that she looks at our pictures and says Omma and Appa (mom and dad). She came and sat on our laps for a little bit but keep her eyes on her foster mom. Her foster mom said that she is a sweet little girl and prefered men and that she would be a daddys girl! She has fostered over 25 children. When we were leaving she was picking up her next baby. What a wonderful woman!!!

We headed downstairs for her last check up with the doctor then it as time to say goodbye. Lily did wonderful! When her foster mom told her to go with her Omma she came running to me with a smile! It melted my heart!! We said our goodbyes and headed to the holt reception center to drop off our donations and see the babies! I took lots of photos of the babies there!!! We grabed a cab and the tears started to flow! Lily cried herself to sleep.

I will write more later. Lily needs me!