Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home for a month!

Wow can a month go by quickly!!! Lily is doing awesome!! We are so glad that she is finally here!! Her first month home has been very busy! She has jumped right into our crazy busy life and has handled it like a champ! In the last month we have gone camping, to Nicks baseball tournament, to the county fair, and to Lincoln to visit more family!!! The boys adore her and will do about anything for her!! The sibling rivalry has started!!!! The younger boys like to pick her up like a doll and make her scream. I had no idea what my little girls voice could produce such a loud scream! WOW! This week we are heading on our family vacation! We are going to Omaha to FunPlex and then off to KC for Worlds of Fun! If the county fair is any indication Lily will love all the rides!!!! We will stay with some good friends in KC for the weekend and then back home! The boys start back to school on the 19th. It will be good to get back into a schedual!!!
I hope to get some more free time so that I can update my blog more often!!! Here are a few pictures of the last month! Enjoy!
Fun in the sand!

My 3 youngest

Lily loves the water!

Nick gets his 1st place medal



My beauty!!

Getting pretty at the cousins house!

My fab 5