Monday, August 31, 2009

End of the month!

Today is the last day of August. It has been a very busy month. The boys all started school. Nicholas started 3rd. grade, Jacob is in 1st, Matthew is in Pre K, and Joshua 3yr old preschool. It is actually nice to get back in the grove of school and activities. The big boys will start flag football next month and the little boys are starting Little Tykes sports (introduction to football, baseball and soccer).
The boys also got some new toys, 4 wheelers and motorcycles. They have been ridding a ton! I try to stay away as much as possible because I just can't watch them. They do enjoy it, all 5 of them (Dad included).
We enjoyed some vacation time at World Of Fun. The boys have no fear!! The big boys could ride most every rollercoaster and did! Which if you know Dave and I well Mom is the one who rides with everyone! Dads stomach just can't handle it. :)
No word this month about our daughter! It is getting harder but I know that she will come in His time. It was a good day for one of my fellow waiters! Her family got their referral of a healthy baby girl. She had waited for 1yr, 3mo and 3wks. It gives me hope that things are moving along! I pray that her time to travel comes sooner than later!
I hope you enjoy looking at pictures of the last month!

Nicholas 3rd Grade
Jacob 1st Grade
Matthew PreK Joshua 3yr old Preschool