Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A New Month!

"Have you heard anything yet?"

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this question a day, a week, or a month I would be rich! :) I wish I had a concrete answer for everyone including myself. I remember when we took our adoption classes our instructor said " I can tell you 2 things for sure! You will have delays and you will end up with a daughter." Well we have had delays! When we first sent in our application back in Jan of 08 we were told the wait from application to placement would be 17-20 months. Now we are looking at 22-26 months. I used to wish she would be home before the boys started school, then it was before Halloween, then it was before Christmas, and now I pray she is in our arms before Easter!

I'm so excited to get "The Call" that says "you have a daughter!" I'm sure it will be as sweet as every time my doctor lifted my newborn up and said "Its a Boy....again!":) Every time the phone rings I look for a Holt number on the caller ID. Everyone says it will happen when you least expect it and I know that it will come when God decides my daughter is ready to leave her foster family and join with ours.

When the call does come I will receive a e-mail with all her birth information and health records and of course the part we are dying for, a glimpse of her beautiful face. We will fill out the acceptance paperwork and get the ball rolling. I wish I could say that we would book our flights and go get our daughter but that isn't the case! Lots of paperwork on both sides of the world have to be completed and red tape galore! The time frame will then be about 3-4 months to complete it all and then we wait for the second call. The wonderful "Travel Call". When that is received we have 10 days to make our way to Korea to meet and pick up our daughter.

Today I ask for prayers that I can be patient! Enjoy the now and rejoice in all the blessings in my life!