Monday, November 16, 2009

A New Week!

Well today starts a new week. I like Mondays because it brings hope of getting a referral this week. It seems turned around I know. I hate Fridays because then the week is over and during the weekend I can't get the call that I long for. For most it is just the opposite...unless you are adopting then I know you fell the same way.

I would love to tell you how things are great and the waiting isn't getting to me, but then I would be lying to you all. Each week I can't believe I didn't get to hear about my daughter, I didn't get to see her face, and I didn't get to say "Yes I got the call" instead of fumbling to smile and say "any day now." I know the friends that ask are feeling awkward as well because I'm sure they can see the frustration in my eyes. I keep holding on the the ones that have gone before me and tell me that the wait will be soon forgotten when you see and hold your baby for the first time.

I will have a very busy week this week so I hope that will help! My boys school has their annual fundraiser this Sat. night. It will be a great time! But this week will be crazy with last minute details, seating charts, auction items, ect. The kids are coming to sing again which was a big hit last year. This years theme is Change The World. They will sing "We are the World". I will be sure to take some pictures. It has been a stressful week since we found out the Huskers would be playing their football game that night. If you are a Nebraskan you know what I mean!!! We will have the football game playing so I hope the Huskers play well.