Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A New Week

Yesterday started a new week. Will the call come this week? Only one person can answer that question and its not me! I will continue to pray that our daughter is being loved and enjoying her first holiday season. Our family is wishing she was here with us this Christmas! But we know that she is being well taking care of. When I say that out loud I can't believe that there is a family in Korea that will love and care for my daughter. My daughter....the one that God made just for me. WOW! I will never be able to thank this women for the sacrifice that she has given. I think of her birth mother and pray that she is okay. That she knows that her daughter is loved and will have a wonderful life. The holidays will bring her much sorrow and I hope that she knows that what she given our family is a answered prayer.

Yesterday I received a beautiful surprise. My friend Stacia sent me a Christmas arrangement. The flowers where Lily's and the card read " Here are some Lily's while you are waiting for Lily to come". I have some of the most wonderful friends. I couldn't get through this without all the support they have given me.

We are in the middle of a huge winter storm. We are expecting to recieve 10-16 inches of snow in the next day or two. Our boys are so excitted to play in the snow and have been asking to go outside since 8 this morning. I will try to keep them in for awhile but then they will have to run and burn off some steam.