Thursday, January 7, 2010

I didn't realize that it had been so long!

Happy New Year!!!! Wow the time has just flown by! With all the holidays, snow storms, and travels to family near and far the time just came and went.

Christmas was a wonderful time. Christmas Eve we went to the children's Mass at our church and came home to eat our traditional potato soup and bread. We let the boys open their presents to each other. The boys had gone to the bank and got their own money out of their savings and purchased presents for one of their brothers. We got everyone in bed by 10:00. Well the morning came extra early this year when Jacob entered our room at 3am to show us the bow and arrow that Santa had left him. We told him to return to bed and go back to sleep. I believe the next time he came in was 4am and we sent him back again. By 6am the 2 big boys were up and we told them they had to wait until 7 to wake up their other brothers. Oh boy did they hold us to that! All 4 boys were downstairs at 7 to start the festivities! Santa didn't disappoint. Nicholas received a DSI, Jacob a electric scooter, and for the little boys Santa had something very special......a real hamster. And this wasn't any hamster he was special. Santa left a note for the boys telling them that their hamster came from the land of the misfit toys. Why they asked, well because he only has one eye. They still love him and named him Zhu Zhu.

Christmas day brought us unbelievable weather! Tons of snow and wind of 40 mph. We were unable to head to Lincoln to visit my family. The drifts were 12 ft high in areas and the interstate had closed. The next day we were determined to make it to Mema's (grandma). We left at 10am and arrived at 4:30. A drive that normally take just over 2 hrs. Wow what a stressful drive that was!

New Years Eve found us with family. My sister-in-law's birthday is on New Years so we went to their house with the kiddos and enjoyed some family time and a little Rock Band and Yatzee.

The wait for Lily is still going strong. We just know that the call will come soon and we are so ready!! On Sat. the 9th we will have waited for her for 18 months from the time of our home study was complete and just shy of 2 years since the first application was sent into the agency. We are holding strong but hope this wait ends very soon!
I will leave you with lots of pics of the holidays!