Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wonderful news after a really hard week

I lost my Dad to Acute Leukemia on Thurs. January 21st. He was only 58 years old. He entered into the hospital on Sunday night Jan. 17th. My sister and I were by his side when he passed away. I was able to tell him how much I loved him and that it was okay to go. His funeral was on Tues. I prayed to my Dad in heaven to help guide my daughter to us and he sure did deliver.

Last night as I drove back into town I received "the call" from my social worker Deb. She told me how sorry she was to hear about my Dad. Then she said " I have some news for you!" I pulled over to the side of the road as I listened to her tell me about my daughter. I cried and cried!!! I cried with sadness that I had lost my father. I cried with happiness that I was about to see my daughters face for the first time. Then she told me that the little girl was already 22 months old....and I cried again. I cried because of the uncertainty because we always envisioned a 10 month old. She told me her birthdate and then I can't remember anything after that. The tears just wouldn't stop. I was 15 miles from home. I called my husband and waited for him to arrive home and we opened the file together. We scrolled down to see her beautiful face and I cried again!!! There she was my daughter that I have longed and waited so long for. The minute I saw her I knew God had a plan for our family and he had sent her just for us. Lillian Yeon-Su Janssen was born on March 2, 2008 At her last well baby check on the 17th of Jan. she was 30 inches tall and weighed 22 pounds.

Now the paperwork begins. We have lots of papers coming overnight FedX and will be here tomorrow. The most excitting thing is we have a video of her coming in our packet. I will try to post it here this weekend.

Now we wait for the next call the "travel call" This call comes somewhere around 4 months. So she will be here in the summer!!!!

Thank you for all the prayers for our family!!! Continue to pray that we have a very speady travel call.

And of course what you have all been waiting for as well.....her beautiful pictures. Here is my girl!