Monday, June 28, 2010

The start of another week! Is this THE week?

We had a fun filled weekend! Nicholas made the all star baseball team and he had his first tournament Sat. It was 95* and he had to play 3 games out in the heat! Nick played great but their team lost in a few nail biters! After the 3rd game I think we were all ready to be at home enjoying the air conditioner!!! My mom came down to watch Nick play and spent the night!

Jacob turned 8 on Sunday!!! We had a fun day! After church we went to Kearney for the day. We ate at Valentinos and went to the movie Shrek. When we got home we hit the fireworks stand for the 3rd night in a row and had a little firework display in honor of Jacobs birthday!

The paperwork that we had to submit last week just landed in Korea yesterday at 4:45pm so hopefully the packet can be sent to the embassy so Lily can have her visa issued. I called DC this morning to see if there was any update and the wonderful lady on the other end said that she can see her picture and that she is beautiful and had lots of hair! I about fell over! For 2 weeks I have called and heard no news! What this means is that she made her Embassy appearance. So it is all ready but her visa interview! The visa interview and travel call can come on the same day! Maybe just maybe we will get our travel call this week!!!!!

Please pray for our family as we prepare for Lily's arrival and also for her foster mother that is preparing for her departure.