Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just one more piece of paperwork!

Well I was hoping to get the "Travel Call" this week but we hit a bump in the road....again! I got a e-mail from Holt that Korea needed a paper signed by Dave and I and notarized today and sent back to them ASAP. Well Dave was working in McCook today (of course) so he had to head back to Holdrege early so that we could get the paper overnight ed to Oregon by 3:00.

It is the last thing Korea needs before they submit it into the Embassy to have her visa issued. We are hoping that tomorrow Holt can scan it and Korea can use that to submit knowing that the hard copy is being sent Fed X to Korea. This would be the best case scenario! Worst is that they would wait to get the hard copy and then submit. Hopefully this won't set us back to far.

I'm trying to look at the positives. Nicholas made the all star baseball team and has a tournament this Sat. and Jacob turns 8 on Sunday. So I will be here to enjoy these things with my boys!

We did have a great weekend! Dave turned the big 40 on Friday so we celebrated with his twin brother and his family! Saturday we went to our towns parade and then to North Platte's parade and topped the night out with the rodeo! Sunday was Fathers Day. It was the first since I lost my dad in January. A hard day. We took the boys to the movie Karate Kid and heading but home for a quiet evening! I thank God daily for my husband! He is a wonderful father that spends quality and quantity time with all our boys.

I hope to have some wonderful news soon!!! Stay tuned!