Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 2 we took in the culture!

Eating....I don't know?
Children's market place

Small street with places to eat!

Market Place

Picture on the balcony

Hotel Pool

Today was wonderful! Dave and I both slept restless and I was wide awake from 1am to 3am. We woke up around 5:30 and waited for breakfast to open. The breakfast here at the hotel is wonderful. Some the same as home and some very different. I had a omelet, toast, and juice and coffee. They also had lettuce, hot soup, and local yogurt with lots of toppings. We headed to the top of our hotel to see the pool and gardens! Beautiful view! We then asked the front desk for a cab to take us to Namdaemun Market. When we arrived there the shops and vendors will just opening up! We walked around awhile and headed to the Lotte Mart. Lotte Mart is a cross between a Super Target and Department store. I purchased some puzzles with Korean and English alphabet, Korean music CD's and some Pororo toys. Pororo is the cartoon for kids here in Korea. Then we walked back to the market and it was lunch time. WOW was it different! The place was packed with people!!! Food vendors everywhere!! We did some shopping and bought some clothes for Lily that are made in Korea. Also some things for the boys at home! There were small narrow streets with Korean food on both sides. After looking at the the fish and octopus, ect. Dave lost his appetite for the whole day. There is a very strong spicy fish smell where ever you are. It didn't stop me! I bought something like a egg roll on the street but instead of being fried it was bread. Then I went into a small resteraunt and Dave watched as I ate a Korean meal. One that I think was kimchee in it? It was good but she had to show me how to put everything in it. :)
We took a cab back to our hotel around 2:30 and decided to take a little nap. Well we woke up at 7:00. We headed out to find a bookstore. The streets were still packed with people! We thought yesterday in Insadong that it must be the place to be in Seoul, then it was the market today, but we found the restaurant district and it was bustling! We set down at a bar and had a beer and people watched for awhile. Then all of the sudden there was a crowd of people in front of the restaurant across the street and cameras were everywhere (of course I forgot mine). It was a man that the girls were crazy for, even the girls next to us jumped up and took his picture. When they returned we asked who he was and they said he was a very famous actor. Wish we knew who it was.
We then headed home and now I'm wide awake at 10:45pm. I think I will journal, read and then head to bed!
Tomorrow we have our Seoul city tour. I'm really excited for this! Only 1 more full day before I met Miss Lily. Every little girl on the streets today made me smile!!!