Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Today was our city tour!

We had a wonderful day touring the city of Seoul. We woke up again at 4:30 in the morning but after tossing and turning for a few minutes we both ended up falling back to sleep. At 8 we went down for breakfast and then got ready for our city tour. Our first stop was The Palace. It was very educational and beautiful! We got to meet Jackie and Steve from our BB and they had there new son with them. They didn't get to stay long because it was so hot outside and they had just got their son the day before. Our tour guide was the most adorable girl named Mi-na. We saw the changing of the guards and had a chance to wear traditional Korean dress and get your pictures with them. After that we went to Isadong for a traditional Korean meal. We ate lunch with another couple on the tour. Their family was from Boston. They had a 3 year old girl that was adopted from China and she is getting a new baby sister tomorrow. I had Bimbebop (sp?) and it was really good. Dave had bulgoui and he kinda liked it. I had a hard time using the chopsticks so I stuck to the spoon. After we were finished we did a little shopping and I picked up a few things. Mi-na then took us to a Korean tea house and sat with us and told us about Korea and we told her about Nebraska. I tried cold plum tea, Dave had cold citruis tea, and Me-La had a hot tea. I liked all of them.

Mi-na and I went to a nail salon so that I could have a manicure. It was really fun having her to talk to. Dave went and had a beer and did a little people watching. Then it was time to tell Mi-na goodbye. I gave her my face book name and e-mail so that we could continue our friendship!

Dave and I came back to the hotel to drop off some packages and headed out to dinner. We decided we were ready for a regular sandwich and wings so we went to Bennigans. We walked back home and I started getting my gifts together for my big day tomorrow! I will tell you that me stomach is in knots and my head is spinning thinking tomorrow I have my baby girl. I feel like I just started labor and the time is coming fast.
Please pray for Dave and I as we journey to bring our daughter home. Please pray for her foster family that has to give up a daughter that they have loved for 10 months. Pray for Lily that she will know that we are here to love her always and forever and will never leave her or let her go. She will be a part of our family just like our other 4 children and we will take care of her!