Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our last day in Korea!

Our last day in Korea was wonderful!!! Lily is quite the sleeper! We had to wake her up for breakfast. She woke up with no tears! Just kinda a blank look in her eyes. She quickly started to warm up and let us snuggle her. We headed down for some breakfast and she ate mostly rice and watermelon! She loves watermelon. Good thing daddy grows that in the garden. She likes to see our reactions to things. She was eating and started pushing her rice off her plate. We would say no and she would smile and laugh! She has a spunky side! Her foster mom said she is very sweet and also very stubborn. Yep, she is a Janssen!

After breakfast we headed to a market to pick up a blanket and pillow that she is used to sleeping on the floor with. We will have to see how the sleeping arrangement will work at home! In the cab ride you could see that she was doing alot of thinking. She would go in and out sometimes with lots of smiles and then be very serious. No tears though. When we got back to the hotel we had some lunch and then laid Lily down for a nap. She doesn't like to go to sleep unless she is literally right on top of me like I'm carrying her but only laying down. After she falls asleep I roll her over on the bed.

After she was asleep I headed to Insadong to finish up some shopping. I still needed her name scroll in Korean and a beautiful Korean jewelry box. When I came back she was still sleeping. I did some packing up of all the gifts that we have bought. Dave decided to head over to the buddhist museum. When he came back I asked him if it was interesting and he said it was all in Korean.

Lily was still sleeping so we woke her up so that we could head over to the Seoul Tower. We took a tram to the top and wow what a view! Seoul is huge!!!! Seoul Tower is the highest point in Seoul. It is also famous for the fact that it is where the most engagements take place. Tradition says that you take a lock and attach it to the cable and throw the key over the mountain to symbolize your ever lasting love. Did I bring a lock ..... of course! Our lock symbolizes our love of family and that Lily will always be part of her forever family! We also went to the Teddy Bear museum where they talked about the History of Korea told by the bears. Lily loved it and got so excited when the bears would move.

We came home after that ate a little supper and got Lily ready for bed. She really doesn't like bed time. She stalls just like the boys. Having to go potty again (yep she is fully potty trained:)) ect. Dave went in a turned the TV off and she did not like that she started crying and yelling something at Dave. She came running to me and we laid down on the bed. Again she was on top of me. I'm not sure if the tears were that she didn't want to sleep or because she was grieving. But I would say that Dave and I agree things are going better than we expected. She is the sweetest little girl and we are so excited to bring her home to meet the boys and the rest of the family!

Today we leave for the airport at 8 am. We will fly to Chicago leaving at 11:40 Korea time Fri. and arrive in Chicago 10:00 am Friday. We gain the day coming back! Dave and I have really enjoyed our time her in Korea but both agree we are ready to come home and see our boys and become a family of 7!

Please pray for a safe trip and for Lily that she will like the plane and have lots of fun today with all the new toys and art things that she hasn't seen yet that we brought for the plane ride!

Thank you guys so much for following our journey and I will continue to post about life back home!! Your prayers and support have meant the world to us!