Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A restless night!

It is 3:15 in the morning and I'm wide awake! As I sit here a think about my day ahead tears are falling down my face. My heart is excited, my stomach is in knots and my mind is scared. I'm so ready to meet Lily and bring her home to her forever family but cant help to think of all that she is losing. Since this blog has been my personal journal to my journey to get Lily I have decided to put in my letter to her.

My dearest Lily,

As I sit here in the middle of the night I think of how you are sleeping in you foster families home for the last time. It is the family you thought you would always have but we all knew that it was a stepping stone to your forever family. You have had two mothers that love you so very much but couldn't keep you and one that prayed and longed for you to join their family forever. That family is ours and soon to be yours. And this mom has loved you since I saw your face for the first time and gasped! You have 4 brothers that are so excited to meet you and have you come to Nebraska and be their cheerleader. A mother and father that will never leave you!

I know that in a few hours you will leave a family and home that you have trusted and grown to love and follow parents that you don't know and have only seen in pictures. This meeting will be a very happy occasion for your dad and I but a heartbreaking one for you and your foster family. We will get through it together! I will probably be a mess because my heart is heavy and will break for your loss. I know that there will be lots of tears from us all and I will be there to wipe away your tears and probably mine, and don't tell anyone but probably your dads as well. This is your gotcha day the day we become a family of 7!

You will join a family that already loves you!!! That can't wait to see you in person and watch you as you grow! I know that you will be leaving everything that you know! Your culture, nationality, and a country that your dad and I are so glad we got to experience and came to love! We promise to take you back someday and to teach you about your culture.

I can't wait to see your face for the first time, hold you, watch you sleep and to comfort you in your grief. I love you Lily and your mommy and daddy are coming to bring you home to your forever family!!