Monday, September 14, 2009

Its Monday!

Today starts a new week! We had a good weekend except the cold I got yesterday that keep me in bed most of the day! Saturday night we took the boys to see GI Joe. Great movie! A little far fetched (okay alot) but very action packed!
Sunday the boys let me sleep and had a fun day on their own. Daddy played kick ball and football. One bloody nose and many ouches later they took Nick to the football field to compete in Pass, Punt, and Kick contest. Their were 9 boys in his group and he placed 3rd and received a ribbon. He was thrilled!
Today is Matt's birthday party with his friends. Since he has a summer birthday we waited until school started so all his buddies could come. So I'm gearing up for 10 5yr olds! It's a football theme so Daddy and the big boys will set up a game! Then its time for pizza, pinata, and cake!
A new week brings new hope for a referral call. It could come anyday now or weeks from now. What I do know is that we are very very close to meeting our little girl that God made for our family!