Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A big day for Mom!!

Well it did finally happen...I have turned the big 40! :) It really has been a wonderful day!! This morning Dave made me breakfast in bed! Not just a bowl of cereal but eggs, biscuits and gravy, and a waffle because he didn't know what I would want. The boys woke up one by one to tell me Happy Birthday and then they were off to school!

My sister in law Laura planned a day in Kearney for us and I was to meet her at 10:00. When I showed up 8 of my friends were there to greet me all dressed in black! We left and went to Kearney and got pedicures and then went out to lunch! When we were driving to lunch I got a e-mail for Lisa from Holt. When I opened it up there were 2 new updated pictures of Lily! What a wonderful surprise!!! God is so good!!!! I think my daddy did it again!!! I was so sad last night thinking of my big day without him and just like he sent Lilys referral he has sent me my birthday gift from heaven! Thank you Daddy I love and miss you!!!

Last week I also got the news that our Emigration Permit was submitted in Korea. All I know is that it is one more step to bring Lily home!