Sunday, May 2, 2010

I wonderful surprise came in the mail!

On Friday when I went out to get the mail I had a bubble mailer from Holt International. I was really looking for a envelope from the USCIS with my approved I600 so I was a little disappointed. But when I opened the bubble mailer my heart started beating fast! It was a dvd from Lily's foster mom. All the boys were home and we ran to the computer to put it in! At first it said that my computer couldn't open it. So I looked into other options and finally was able to import it on to my laptop. When the files (yes I mean files with a S) opened up I was so excited! There were 7 new photos and 8 video clips. Each clip is a few minutes long and 2 are about 7 minutes long. The boys and I watched and laughed as Lily ran around with her hair in piggy's. How she can eat with a spoon and drink from a glass as big as she is. We got to see how she is so well loved and cared for! This was such a blessing and just what I needed last week. In one of the video I think she is playing with her foster dad and he has her on his legs playing airplane and she is smiling and laughing.
It was wonderful and hard at the same time because you can see that she loves her family and it will be very hard for her to leave them and come into our family. If she only knew how much she will be loved and how we have waited so long for her, and prayed for her. How we have prepared a beautiful room with a closet full of dresses, tea sets. and dolls. How her cousins ask when will baby Lily come. If we could tell her that her big brothers will never let her have a boyfriend! :) Just kidding, but she will be very well protected! It must feel like a eternity to the boys. It has been over 2 years since we told them they would have a sister.
This May brings lots of hopes! I hope to recieve approvials of both the I600 and our EP. Then we will have a little better idea of when we will bring our little girl home!
I will leave you with the new pics and a video clip if I can figure out how to post it.