Monday, June 14, 2010

A wonderful month!!!

I can't believe it but it has almost been a month since I have blogged. Alot has happened!!! I will start with a update on Lily! We finally received our I600 after 14 weeks of waiting. We had to get re-fingerprinted in Omaha to complete the approval. We also have received news the Lily's Emigration Permit was approved and that her visa physical is scheduled for this Wed. What does this mean you ask? It means that we are so very close!!!! After her VP (visa physical) she will have a VI (visa interview) and she will be ready to come home!!!! My guess is that we are in Korea in about 2 weeks! WOW!!!! Saying that out loud is crazy!!!

We also received another well baby check with 2 new photos taken with the care package we sent her. That put my mind at ease because I know that she has seen us and that her foster mother is preparing her to meet us. I can't believe that I will be a mom again very soon! This has been the longest pregnancy ever! 2 1/2 years ago we started this process and now with in weeks our daughter will be in our arms.
I try to imagine how I will be when I see her for the first time in person. I remember the feeling when we saw her picture for the first time. The emotions overcame me. I hope that I can pull myself together when we meet. I hardly go a day without breaking down thinking of what she is loosing and what she has already lost. I pray for her birth mother and he foster mother every night. The strength that both of these women have is amazing. The love they must have for my daughter. That one would give her up to have a better life and one that takes care and loves her until her forever family comes for her.

Also last month my sister-in-law through me a celebration shower for Lily and I. It was at Laura's house and we had a cake and punch and lots of fun! We had the videos playing on her laptop so all my girlfriends could see Lily in action! Because I'm so blessed and I have a closet full of clothes :) we asked our guests to bring a donation for the Holt reception center. This is where the babies come before they are placed with a foster family or in some cases they stay there until there adoptive parents are chosen. Wow do I have tons of donations!!! Thank you so much to all my giving friends.
I promise to be better about blogging and that I will have my laptop in Korea when we go! My nieces asked me when will they know Lily is coming home for sure. I told them when Aunt Marcie calls and you answer and all you hear is screaming. :)

May was a big month for birthdays as well! Joshua turned 4 on the 26th and Nicholas turned 10 on the 31st. Joshua had a party at the YMCA with the bounce house of course. Nicholas is still planning his party for next week.

Mothers day was very special as well. My boys made me breakfast in bed, let me sleep in a little and took me out to lunch! I got a very special gift from my husband. It is the gift that has kept on giving. I received my first Mothers bracelet on Mothers day 10 yrs ago and each time there was a new addition to the family another strand was added. So this Mothers Day I got to add my first daughters name. I love it!!!! Then I bought a necklace for Mothers day for me from me! :) It is from Pixiedots and I wear it all the time!

Last but not the least last weekend we decided to go camping. We decided at 4 pm on Sat. and loaded the car and off we went. the boys put up our new tent and we had a blast!!! We roasted hot dog for dinner and smores for dessert. In the morning we did a little rafting and fishing. What a wonderful weekend!!

Well that's a month in review. Now I will leave you with the newest picture of Lily!